The Calgary Police Service is reminding all motorists to share the road following two 2015 crashes that claimed the lives of motorcyclists.

Throughout the month of July, the CPS will place an emphasis on spreading the motorcycle awareness message to motorists inside enclosed vehicles.

CPS Staff Sergeant Paul Stacey says motorcyclists involved in crashes are susceptible to serious injury.

“You're in such a vulnerable position,” said Staff Sergeant Stacey. “There's no car body or anything like that. They're making immediate contact with the vehicle, pole, curb, or whatever it is they're running into.”

“The potential is always much greater for injury.”

Jim Lamrock knows the dangers motorcyclists face on city streets all too well.

While riding, Lamrock was struck by a pickup truck. The collision shattered his wrist, hip and leg. The resulting surgeries left a large amount of metal inside of his body.

“I have 14 bolts and a bracket holding together (my) tibia,” explained Lamrock. “Daily pain, limping. I can’t run with my children anymore. I’m not allowed to run.”

Trevor Dech of Too Cool Motorcycle School says motorcyclists and drivers need to reeducate themselves on the rules of the roads and end bad habits.

“Sometimes riders put themselves in the situation where they're not very visible,” said Dech. “They're not being very conspicuous, from the clothing they wear to the position they drive and the speed they carry.”

“Drivers, they've got to pretend they're in a small vehicle. (Take) that extra look, do that due diligence.”

Dech believes the roads would be a safer place for everyone if people drove as if they were taking their driver’s licence test. Speeding, distracted driving/riding, and not checking for others on the road are factors in a number of collisions.

Dech says the streets would likely be safer if all motorists had an opportunity to experience how vulnerable motorcyclists are in traffic.

“I wish everybody took a motorcycle course, not to ride a motorcycle but just to go through that vulnerability,” said Dech