A partnership between YASA and Aley Electricity to Help prevent tragic traffic crashes

YASA’s Founder, Mr. Ziad Akl and Director General of Aley Electricity, Mr. Albert Khoury held a joint press conference at Municipality of Aley under the patronage and present of the Head of Aley Municipality Mr. Wajdi Mrad to announce the partnership of both parties under the title: “Public Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”.  This partnerships aims at reducing deaths and injuries due to traffic crashes.  Among the participants were Mrs. Saada Halimeh, YASA representative in Aley and Mr. Victor Abboud, president of the Lebanese Association for School Safety Awareness along with a number of members of the Aley Municipality.

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By: YASA WEB , YASA , 12/9/2009 8:42:00 AM